My mission as an educator is to intentionally design and create conditions that support the integrated growth of inquisitive, passionate, and ethical human beings.

Guiding Principles

With mindfulness, patience, and humility. To inspire critical and creative thinking.

Culturally Responsive
Focus on valuing plurality and diversity in language, ethnicity, gender, culture, and sexual orientation.

Learn by Doing
Design authentic, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning experiences.

Learning and Joyfulness
They are interdependent not mutually exclusive. Beware of schools that are too quiet and orderly.

Relevant Learning
It is not what you know but what you do with it.

Through a culture of compassion and mindfulness. Nourishing reciprocity between the human and natural worlds.

Voice and Agency
Intentionally tap into students’ idealism and social imaginations. Redefine community as a place to practice democratic behavior and emerging citizenry.

Moral Courage and Conviction
Make the earth more habitable and humane.

Nourish and Nurture
Cultivate gentleness, generosity, caring, and compassion. Nurture what is loving and life-affirmative. Nourish the growth and development of whole, complex and sentient human citizens.

Innovation and Inventiveness
Embrace the importance of risk-taking, mistakes, and failure. Unequivocal support for boldness, breadth, and disciplinary boundary crossings.

Collaborative Problem Solving
Engage teachers and students in solving real problems. Lay the foundation, inspire, challenge, and give students the tools for changing the world.